Bone Daddy Flawed Poker

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well I've had nothing to say for over 2 years, but felt compelled to make a post about the status of my game.

After I grinded to a negative note in the cash games for the past 18 months (damn you rush poker); I decided to re-evaluate my game to see where my leaks were. The first steps were pretty standard stuff, reviewing my stats in holdem manager, using their leak finder. I found a couple of small leaks, but nothing of any significance.

I finally logged a little time at Card Runners and watched a few videos. I had resisted this in the past as it costs money to be a full member (at least I though) and I figured there really was not much to learn, other than the standard stuff I expected (don't play out of position, don't limp, etc).

Stupid me, within 3 minutes one of my largest leaks was identified by Nutdawg in the cash game.
I then watched a few videos from Nikolak and JBaller88, 2 regs I've grinded against for years. I saw, through their eyes, just how they exploit a player like me.

Through these videos, I realized that I cannot play to a profit (excluding rake back and I-pods) against players like these, people that play for a living every day, where I play on a much more entertainment basis.

I now realize I will not get rich grinding (well i used to, but not anymore) vs. people that play day in and day out.

I've moved my game back to MTTS, as poker is really about the big MTT score.

I watched a couple of the high stack MTT vids, and I see the game in a whole new way. My game has improved more in the past few weeks trying to learn some of the concepts employed by the likes of Jacks up and Mement_Mori than I did over the past few years.

I only plan on making one more post here, and that will be my big MTT score.

BTW, much to my surprise, card runners is free if you grind enough at Full tilt, see the link for details. Since I'm not grinding anymore, I'm forced to pay up, but it is an investment that will be well worth it.

I try to catch 3 to 4 videos a week, and work on the things discussed; it always seems easier when watching then applying, and I've had a few mix-ups, but I instantly know why i miss played it, or its just a cooler giving the ranges involved.